Welcome to Hello Darlings, the debut merch destination for Deni Todorovic, of @stylebydeni.


Deni is a vocal activist for queer rights and human rights and pushes the narrative forward around topics of gender, sexuality, politics, race and equality. Deni identifies as non-binary, and they have become a respected voice within this movement nationally, advocating for inclusivity and inclusive language. 

Deni has over a decade of industry experience in fashion, with roles spanning across Fashion Editor of Cosmopolitan Australia, Celebrity Stylist, Creative Director, Content Creator and Host.


During 2020 Deni took to their socials to create content and bring their community together, during what was a very dark time. Each video begun with the welcoming phrase ‘Hello Darlings’ as darling is Deni’s favourite term of endearment. The term quickly stuck, and has become synonymous with their brand.


Hello Darlings was created with the intention to spread empathy, love and kindness into the world, one product at a time. 

Each piece is designed collaboratively by a team consisting of queer, POC, non-binary and female creatives, and made here in Melbourne. Should this ever change, we will let you know, because here at Hello Darlings, transparency is key.

Drops will be limited, and varied across multiple product categories, throughout the year. 

So stay tuned, enjoy the ride and I’m sending empathy, love and kindness into your day.

Deni x